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  • So I don't need an appointment AT ALL, I can just come in?"
    Yes, we are all walk ins all the time! Please walk in at your convenience
  • How long before I get my wax should I shave?
    Please stop shaving at their very minimum, 2 weeks prior to your waxing service. Longer hair is better & will allow you the best results.
  • How much pain is expected after the wax?
    After the wax, there is minimal pain. You may be a little tender, depending on the area, but that will go away within about an hour or so. We recommend not swimming, using a hot tub, or engaging in a challenging workout directly after waxing as it can irritate the area.
  • Should I stay out of the sun after a wax?
    Yes, please stay out of direct sunshine or tanning beds for 24 hours or so after completing a waxing service.
  • How long is the average length of an appointment?
    The average length of a facial wax is approximately 10-12 minutes. The approximate length of a body wax is 30 minutes. If you are pressed for time, we can always give you an updated timeframe the day of service.
  • Can I wax and spray tan in the same visit?
    Yes, you may wax and spray tan at the same time, however you want to make sure that any oils and or lotions are removed from the area, as they act as a barrier to the spray tan solution.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for a spray tan?
    Please exfoliate, shave and wax prior to coming in for a spray tan.
  • Is there spray tanning available at both locations?
    We only offer spray tanning at the Grand Junction location.
  • Do any of my medications affect the waxing process?
    Many skin meditations and topical creams affect the waxing process. Please check with your physician before waxing if you are taking prescriptions. Retinols, and Accutane are two of the top concerns. Please mention these medications to your waxer prior to your service.
  • Can I get waxed while on my cycle?
    You are able to be waxed while on your cycle, however we request that you have a new tampon in place prior to service.
  • Can I get waxed while pregnant?
    Yes you are able to wax during pregnancy! This is actually a great way to remove u wanted hair when it's hard to see!
  • Can I request a certain waxer?
    Yes you can request a specific waxer while visiting the salon. We understand that many people become more comfortable with one specific waxer and we encourage you to visit during that waxer's shifts and request them if you are so inclined.


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